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Clinical System Switch Posted on 1 Jun 2018

In August, we are having to change our computer system from Vision to EMIS. This will inevitably cause some disruption to our services, and we are working hard to minimise the impact that this will have on patients. We have planned this change for August, as we are often less busy at this time due to patients being away on holiday.

We would like to bring the following to your attention:

  • The system is planned to go live on Tuesday 14th August
  • During the week before, from 6th August, you will be unable to book any appointments beyond Monday 13th August. We will start taking bookings again on Wednesday 15th August
  • Overall, we will have fewer advance bookable appointments in the run up to the changeover and potentially for a week or two afterwards. This is because we need to learn to use the system, and we need to ensure that we are able to see all patients who are acutely unwell
  • We will be unable to register any new patients from 30th July to 28th August
  •  We would remind you that appointments are available every day at the GP Hub at Purley Hospital between 8am and 8pm, and can be booked via 111
  • During the week before we go live, from 6th August, we will not be able to do routine repeat prescriptions. Please check your medication supply carefully and request a new prescription early if necessary. For patients whose repeat is likely to be due at this time, we will issue 2 prescriptions in early June to avoid the need to request a prescription in early August
  • We have a large number of patients registered for Vision On Line services. Unfortunately, everyone will need to re-register with EMIS to continue to be able to order medicines and book appointments via the internet. This will be an enormous task, involving 3500 patients, and we anticipate that this will take several months to sort out. Vision On Line will cease to work after the system changes on 14th August
  • We anticipate that the iPlato myGP app will work with the new system, so the services this provides will continue to be available.

We thank you for your patience and understanding at what we know will be a challenging time.

EMIS is the system that is used by almost all other practices in Croydon, and is the preferred system for Croydon CCG, hence the decision for us to change. We are confident that once it is installed and running, it will be every bit as good as our current system.

Please let the doctors or practice manager know if you have any questions or concerns.

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